Loved the red red rose!

in any case; heard this piece on my local radio and i had to track it down aha. I get so many disney vibes from this (after all disney did use so many symphonic pieces in their early work..). 


Always need Gershwin.


Thank you for the submission! You know I always enjoy when you send me things! :D

One of my favorite pieces of music ever arranged for voice here. The diatonic, melodic and tightly sonorous nature of it always made me think it would be well suited for a choir, and I wasn’t wrong (but the original is still better :P). I hope you enjoy it like I did.

Accentus, under Laurence Équilbey 
Transcription by Thierry Machuel 
Text by Benoît Richter 

Le Jardin Féerique - Ravel
From Ma 
mère l’oye (Mother Goose)

Oh Jesus that was so beautiful!

I listened to that probably 10 times before writing this.

I kind of don’t have anything else to say… just… beautiful!

Thank you for the submission! 


Masao Ohki (1901-1971)

Japanese Rhapsody (1938)

Idea of the Night (1937)




Matrona inimica from Vivaldi’s Juditha triumphans, sung by Karina Gauvin.

(via hm0880)

Dance, Clarion Air - Michael Tippett

Performed by Conspirare
Craig Hella Johnson, Conductor


A Spotless Rose - Paul Mealor
Sorry, I do not know the choir singing!
However, in case you did not know, Paul Mealor is someone who arranged a version of Ubi Caritas. And his version was featured in the Royal Wedding! 

EDIT: Tenebrae are the performers. Thanks Lighterboots for letting me know!


Antonio Lotti - Crucifixus
sung by The Sixteen


Gladsome Light -  Konstantin Shvedov


Choir unknown

Winter Patterns - Tormis

Performed by the Estonian Television Girl’s choir
Aarne saluveer, Conductor


What God is, we do not know.

He is not light nor spirit, nor one;

nor what we name as God-head;

not wisdom, not reason, not love, not will nor grace;

no thing, no unthing, nothing.

What He is – I and you and no created thing

ere we came to be.

Performed by the Holst Singers
Stephen Layton, conductor


There Will Be Rest - Frank Ticheli


Hieronymus Bosch - The Music Written on This Dude’s Butt [Choral Arrangement] (Garden of Earthly Delights).

reblogging cause butts.


El Hambo" - Jaako Mantyjarvi

This was my favorite selection from my choir’s UIL program last year.

Performed by the Garland High school Varsity Mixed choir
Cheryl Wilson, conductor.

Very impressive for a high school choir



Furibondo spira il vento
David Daniels

Happy birthday, GF!