Baba Yetu

Cape Town Youth Choir

Composed by Christopher Tin

Baba Yetu is ALWAYS a fun piece! Thank you for the submission. I was just thinking that I needed some more upbeat pieces on here!

You don’t need to publish this link, but I thought you might be interested. The guy second from the left is my friend Ry, and he and his mates formed an acapella and they’re really awesome. :D

Well I am going to publish anyways because the arrangements are very, very nice. They arranged it themselves, that is so cool!

Awesome group, thank you for sharing! Hopefully my followers enjoy it just as much as I did!

Magnificat in G - Purcell

Thank you once again for your submissions!


Sanctus - Ola Gjeilo

Performed by Uranienborg Vokalensemble/Elisabeth Holte cond.

From “Våkenetter” album (2007):

Score published by Walton Music

Oh my god guys when it gets to 3:18 fjklshgdjksqhdgja

Magnificat in B flat - Stanford

Always a fun piece to sing

Thank you SO much for this fun piece!

Also, I am SO sorry everyone I  am a terrible liar haha

I should’ve posted this sooner.
Just… the timeline in my head doesn’t match with reality. I was thinking I was only a week late.

My blog tells me it’s been a month.


Alleluia - Jake Runestadt

Performed by The Singers
Matthew Culloton, director. 


Under the Willow Tree - Samuel Barber

BYU Singers
Ronald Staheli, conductor
Jared Oaks, Piano 

Still one of my most favorite choral pieces ever

Ugh you go Barber


"Matona, mia cara," by Orlando di Lasso. Performed by the Douglas Frank chorale.

Gloria from Missa Brevis - Richard Rodney Bennett

Performed by the BYU Singers
Ronald Staheli, Conductor

"Love Song" by Joshua Shank
This concert happened during a storm. Check out the appropriately placed thunderclap. Magical!

Ooh I have come to quite like this group lately. 
And the thunder clap happened at a spot I wasn’t expecting… I had to rewind to make sure haha It added this nice ethereal grumble in the background. Almost like drums in the distance… Lovely! 
Thank you for the submission! 

Anonymous asked:
Have you heard of Genesis Sixteen? I'm trying to figure out if it's UK only or not....I'm the biggest of choir need and want to sing this music professionally and want to go do that program so badly

Yes I have and it is UK only. I was looking into it a couple years ago and they state you must be a citizen in the UK to do it. :C Trust me I would love to do that program as well!

theofficialpumpkinsheadblog asked:
...What part do you sing, :-)???...

I am a soprano! :)



Your Sunday Bach Cantata for the Second Sunday after Trinitatis

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

Work: Tilg, o Gott, die Lehren from Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein (1724)

Performer: Petra Noskaiová, La Petite Bande; conducted by Sigiswald Kuijken

(BWV 2)

O God, remove the teachings 
that pervert your word!
Ward against heresy
and all dissenting spirits;
for they say without any shame:
we defy Him who would govern us!

Very interesting video concerning Allegri’s Miserere.

There is dialogue and talking throughout the video

Harry Christophers and the Sixteen. 

Ben Byram-Wigfield, Musicologist.

Pure Imagination-  Leslie Bircusse & Anthony Newley arr. Matthew D. Nielson

USC Chamber singers
Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor
Aram Arakelyan, Piano

sorry for the USC spam. But I mean… Why doesn’t this have more views?